Our Services


It is a common misconception that by working with a decorator one spends more money. In fact, in most cases the converse applies. By using the essential resources available to you through a decorator, you can save yourself some costly mistakes.

We will help you to plan, design, cost and execute the Interior design and decoration of your home, while still maintaining your own personal style and taste.


Our services include the following aspects of your overall design – where applicable

The tailoring of your décor to within a reasonable allocated budget, where required

  • The décor of your home in stages, or by room – depending on your requirements
  • The initial assessment of the plans of your home in order to allow for the successful cohesion of interior and exterior space, and the functionality thereof
  • The flexibility to modify any proposed designs to ensure that they meet with your tastes and requirements
  • A comprehensive presentation of all interior designs, including layouts, window treatment designs and specifics related to all aspects of your interior design
  • A detailed and comprehensive costing breakdown
  • We specialize in designing custom made Interiors, particularly curtaining and fine upholstery, and will either manufacture or source for your individual requirements
  • We aim to assist in making your home perfect, and provide assistance with relocation, alterations or the improvement of existing rooms or homes.



The following is a basic outline of our basic fee and costing structure:

  • The initial consultation giving you an overview of ideas will be charged for
  • A detailed Costing and Fee Structure will be presented and discussed with you after your first consultation. Alternatively, should you have any queries in this regard please don’t hesitate to contact us.